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Berikut ini adalah tips – tips bagaimana cara untuk mencegah infeksi DBD

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Let's be a part of the Dengue Prevention Movement with #Ayo3MPlusVaksinDBD!

Moms and Dads, dengue is a disease that has become a serious threat to the communities in various regions of Indonesia!

Here is the Latest Dengue Statistics that Continues to Be Concerning in Indonesia! The Numbers are Astonishing!

Moms and Dads, dengue has continued to be a significant health issue in Indonesia. Every year, thousands of dengue cases are reported, and prevention efforts and control continues to keep on going to reduce the impact.

Children and Adults Who Is Most Vulnerable to Dengue Infection?

Dengue is a disease that can affect anyone, both children and adults. Nonetheless, do you think there is a difference between the susceptibility of the dengue infection within the two groups, Moms and Dads!

The Deadly Impact of Dengue! Why is Recurrent Infection Dangerous? Here's the Explanation!

The deadly impact of dengue is very real, Moms and Dads. Every year, according to the WHO, millions of people get infected, and thousands of lives are lost due to this disease.

7 Symptoms of Dengue Fever in Children, Prevention with 3M Plus and Vaccination

Did Moms and Dads know that dengue is a serious disease that affects many children in various countries?

The Office Can Become a Breeding Ground for Dengue Mosquitoes! Here's Why!

Dengue, also known as dengue disease, is a serious health problem in various tropical and subtropical countries.

Treatment of Dengue, Facts about Medical Treatment and Alternative Treatment. Let's Find Out!

Moms and Dads, dengue is a disease caused by the dengue virus, transmitted through the bite of the

Fever Drops during Dengue, Please be Aware of Critical Sign!

Moms and Dads, although fever is a common symptom associated with dengue, it's important to note that a decrease in body temperature or a fever that subsides may not always be an indicator of good recovery. 

Here are 3 Types of Mosquitoes that Carry the Dengue Virus and the Prevention!

Mosquitoes are small insects that can be a serious threat to humans health, Moms and Dads. One particular type of mosquito that requires special attention is the mosquito that carries the dengue virus.

"Dry Season Means There is No Standing Water? It Means There are No Dengue Mosquitoes!"

The prolonged dry season is often considered as a safe time from the spread of dengue mosquitoes. However, this assumption is not entirely true.

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